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4 Tips for Expressing Water in a Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui

Image source: Fengshuidana.com

Greetings from China!

I’m spending a few weeks in the land of dumplings, absurdly long walls, and delicious tea. China is also famous for the ancient art of Feng Shui, which advises homeowners on how to arrange furniture and build houses in order to achieve harmony. Naturally, Feng Shui practitioners have a lot to say about swimming pools, aquariums, ponds and other pieces of aquatic architecture because they interact with the water element so strongly. If you want to bring the ancient art of Feng Shui into your home, then follow these basic guidelines should set you off on the right track. Continue reading


How to Create a Feng Shui Aquarium

Feng Shui Aquarium

Image source: Fengshui-doctrine.com

Can fish help cleanse your chi? Can goldfish bring you wealth? Feng Shui practitioners answer “yes” to both of these questions, as they feel that the arrangement of your home can have a major impact on your life. Continue reading

5 Great Places to Keep Your Aquarium

Salt Water Aquarium Fish

Image source: Picturesofanimals.in

Figuring out where you’re going to keep your aquarium is a big decision. They’re so huge, heavy, and difficult to set up that you definitely don’t want to move them around. In fact, the most beautiful aquariums are semi-permanent installations that are more like pieces of furniture than anything else. Check out these suggestions if you’re thinking about having Okeanos Group add a beautiful aquarium to a living space. Continue reading