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Futuristic Vertical Ship Stays Upright While Exploring Marine Life


Image source: Inhabitat.com

French architect Jacques Rougerie wants to explore the world’s oceans, and he needs your money to do it. How much, you ask? Just a mere €325,000 ($436,000). Continue reading


Watch Jaws in Style with This Floating Movie Theater

Floating Movie Theater

Image source: Theatlanticcities.com

Have you ever been floating out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and thought to yourself, “This is really nice but the one thing missing is an awesome movie”? Continue reading

Raise the Roof! 3 Advantages of Aquascapes with Natural Ceilings

Aquascape with Branches acting as a Natural Ceiling

Image source: Forum.kenh7.vn

What do you have at the top of your aquarium? Well, unless it’s feeding time and you’re sprinkling food on the top of the water, then the answer is probably nothing. Most aquascapers place a heavy emphasis on the bottom and middle parts of an aquarium, while leaving the upper-most part of the aquarium relatively empty. Continue reading

4 Unique Floating Art Ideas for Your Pond Aquascape

White Lily Pad Flower Floating in Pond

Image source: Rememberyourbaptism.blogspot.com

What’s the one thing that’s always associated with ponds? Water lilies, of course. These iconic plants have captured the hearts of aquascapers ever since Claude Monet’s first began lovingly painting these delicate white flowers. Continue reading

Wibit Floating Park: Why Weren't These Around When We Were Kids?

Wibits Water Park 60

Image source: Wibitsports.com

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about floating pool houses. I ended the post wishing that AirClad would improve their inflatable pool house design to make it seaworthy, but that left me wondering, “Has anybody already built inflatable hang out spots?” So, I scoured through the Internet and, as it turns out, they have! Continue reading

AirClad's Bubbletechture: Like Pool Houses Made from Inner Tubes

AirClad Inflatable Pool House

Image source: Airclad.com

Going to the beach is great and all, but the only catch about hanging out next to the ocean is that shade is rather lacking. You can escape the oppressive heat of the sun by moving back away from the shore until you’re underneath the treeline, but at that point you can no longer enjoy the surf. What’s the point of going to the beach if you’re not going to hang out by the water? Continue reading

This Orsos Island Yacht is Part Boat, Part Island

Orsos Island Yacht

Image source: Orsosisland.com

Everybody on earth has at some point dreamed of living on a private island. They’re secluded, absolutely gorgeous, and they represent the pinnacle of financial achievement. Unfortunately, not all of us can be like Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg, looking down on the rest of the world from atop a giant pile of money. Buying a private island is something that only ultra-rich billionaires can ever pull off. Continue reading