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Can Luxury Aquariums Double as Natural Swimming Pools?

Swimming Pond

Image source: Inspirationalgreen.com

How would you like to swim with the fishes? No, I don’t mean in the “killed by the mafia” sense of the phrase — I mean literally swim alongside fish. Some squeamish folk may not be keen on the idea, but others adore the idea of a natural, beautiful aquascape that is both an art piece and a swimming pool. But is such a thing even possible? Continue reading


Natural Swimming Pools Turn Backyard Pools Green

Natural Swimming Pool

If you come up to someone and ask them if they’d like to have a pool in their backyard, or lush, verdant fountain, just about everybody would answer “yes.” Who would turn down something like that? Aquatic landscaping improves the look of just about any home, because people across all culture are naturally drawn to water.

The most popular aquatic landscaping feature is the pool, a symbol of wealth and beauty. Another common backyard feature is the fountain or the pond, which attempts to capture verdant prosperity. While each of these aquatic landscape features have a common element, water, they are each extremely different in style. Pools are sterile, clear, and bright blue. Fountains and ponds, by contrast, are typically green, murky, and relatively unclean.

The stark differences between pools and ponds make it seem nearly impossible to combine the two. How can you make a backyard pond that supports aquatic life, yet is still clean enough for your kids to swim in?

The answer is the natural swimming pool, an organic alternative to concrete and chlorine. Natural swimming pools have been growing in Europe for some time, and they are just beginning to really take hold in the U.S. Rather than relying on buckets of chemicals to purify the water, natural swimming pools use aquatic plants, haydite rocks, and ultraviolet filters to remove bacteria from the water. Working together, these three elements clean water enough to meet health standards.

Natural Organic Pools

The environmental advantage here is quite obvious, as it requires that we dump fewer chemicals in our backyards. It also has a rather unique aesthetic advantage, as it transforms pools into murky green, pond-like swimming pools that appear completely natural and are stunningly beautiful. When was the last chance you got to go swimming next to some lily pads?

Despite the numerous advantages, these types of pools aren’t for everyone. They require more maintenance than their sterile counterparts, and you have to be OK with swimming in water that isn’t crystal clear. If you can get past those hang-ups, though, natural pools are a beautiful and modern upgrade to the traditional swimming pool.

Natural Pools