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Google's Mystery Barges Revealed to be Silver-Sailed Showrooms

Possible Google Barge

Image from telegraph.co.uk

Google has been raising eyebrows with the construction of three massive barges that are currently moored in San Francisco, Portland, and Maine. The Internet behemoth has been fairly tight-lipped about the barges, leaving news sources to speculate over their purpose. Are they floating data centers? Trendy party boats? Continue reading


San Francisco Turns Unused Garage into Sea Lion Hang-Out

San Francisco Pier

One of the great things about green architecture is that it reclaims unlivable spaces and transforms them into habitats for both people and animals. Hyphae Design Laboratory is pursuing one such project by attempting to transform an old unused limousine storage lot located along the San Francisco Bay into a green space with tons of features.

Green Pier Design

Humans aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the completion of this project, as the design includes a space for sea lions to lounge in the sun. Additionally, the park will include green houses and living walls, which are literal vertical walls with plant life growing on them.

San Francisco Green Pier

People will be able to take in these beautiful natural sights during a stroll in this park. Located on San Francisco’s Pier 27, the finished space will include public art, an artificial waterfall, and trendy food joints spread out across 2 levels. The pier is roughly “U” shaped, with 2 long docks extending into the bay. Between the 2 docks, rectangular islands will provide a hang out spot for local sea lions. The sea lion island is prominently on display for people on either pier, so the local marine life will likely become a popular attraction for visitors.

San Francisco Pier

The pier redesign is not entirely focused on green reclamation. It also has a valuable commercial function, as it will serve as a docking station for cruise ships. Overall, the design of this pier is quite impressive because it tries to be many different things, and succeeds fairly well at each of its intended goals. It provides a recreational area for humans while supporting local business and providing habitats for wildlife. This fusion of roles promotes the idea that humans and animals can coexist peacefully, a fundamental principle of green projects.